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When you or someone you know falls and sustains injuries, it is chicago slip and fall attorneyimportant that you hire a slip and fall attorney to advocate on your behalf.

Ms. Elizabeth C. Ryan, a Chicago-based slip and fall lawyer, has a proven track of record of successfully recovering settlements and jury awards on behalf of her clients.

Individuals that fall or are injured due to a defect on a sidewalk, porch, deck or stairway may suffer from serious injuries. Other causes of injury include icy or slippery conditions on a sidewalk, stairway or parking lot due to inadequate plowing, shoveling, or salting. These types of incidents may result in a serious injury requiring a trip to the emergency room and extensive follow-up medical treatment.  Often times, insurance companies will attempt to resolve a claim by offering a small sum of money to slip and falls. That is why it is important to hire an Chicago slip and fall attorney who will not only thoroughly investigate your case but who also has the knowledge, experience, and training necessary to aggressively represent you.

The circumstances surrounding the incident and the manner in which you respond to this type of incident can substantially affect the outcome of your case.

When you are injured in a slip and fall accident, it is important you take the following steps:

  1. File an incident report with the manager that is on site.
  2. Gather contact information of all individuals who witnessed the incident.
  3. Go to the emergency room or if you are unable to drive, call an ambulance immediately. The doctor will examine you and provide an appropriate course of treatment.
  4. Take pictures of your injuries.
  5. Return to the area that you fell and take pictures.
  6. Do not speak to any insurance company representatives or sign any documents.
  7. Lastly, contact Ms. Elizabeth C. Ryan, an experienced slip and fall attorney, as soon as possible at (312) 380-1089.

Here is relevant information to take into consideration in a slip and fall case:

  • Whether the defect was open and obvious.
  • Whether the owner(s) of the premises had knowledge of the defect prior to the incident.
  • Whether the owner or agent of the property attempted to fix the condition prior to the incident.
  • If the icy conditions resulted from unnatural vs. natural accumulation.
  • If the owner or agent of the property attempted to shovel, salt or plow the sidewalk, parking lot or stairway prior to the incident.
  • The lighting conditions of the area.
  • If the incident occurred outside, the weather conditions and time of day the incident occurred.


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