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Every year thousands of workers in Illinois or injured or killed on a construction site. If you or a loved one has been party a victim of a site accident or death, you are eligible to seek damages for the accident. Determining fault for the injury of a construction site worker can be more difficult than determining fault in any other personal injury cases. Liability usually involves numerous parties who were involved in the negligence and unsafe condition of the job site. In order to seek compensation for things such as medical bills or loss of income, an attorney knowledgeable of the law and experienced in defending it, such as Ms. Elizabeth C. Ryan, is necessary.

When an injured party’s employer is responsible for the accident, a workers compensation claim can be filed. However, often times many parties are involved, making it more difficult to determine liability and require separate construction liability suits. Any combination of the following parties can be responsible for the accident including contractors, subcontractors, site owners, and manufacturers of the tools and machines being used.

In the event of an injury or death due to a construction accident here some things to take into consideration:

  • Can workers compensation be filed.
  • Whether your accident is a result of a third party’s negligence.
  • The time, place, location and circumstances of incident.
  • Whether or not there were any witnesses to the incident.

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